Our database contains over 33082 motors with a combined value of $13,251,415.80 .

How to Find Motors

If you are looking to purchase a motor, choose the "For Sale" button above. If you wish to sell a motor, first choose the "Wanted" button above to see if a buyer is already looking for your motor.

This database may contain thousands of surplus motors at any given time. There are several drop down boxes to assist in isolating the search to the motor or type of motor desired. Selecting "ALL" in the drop down box will display all the motors in the category. To narrow the focus of a search to a particular attribute of a motor, select that attribute in each respective category. To activate the drop down box, click on the arrow on the right side of the box and then select the particular attribute desired from the pop up menu.

For example, to view all the 600 HP single-speed, polyphase, squirrel cage motors, click on the arrow on the category box and select the category "single-speed, polyphase, squirrel cage motors," then choose "600" from the HP field. Finally, click the "Find" button to search the database.

The first 15 motors matching the criteria will now be displayed, sorted in ascending horsepower rating. Selecting the "Next" link at the bottom of the page will display the second page of motors.

Having identified the desired motor through the search process, click on the MotorID field to display the listing seller's name, address, etc.; as well as additional information about that specific motor.

At this point in your search, you can place a telephone call or fax the seller directly. If the seller has an e-mail listing, you can e-mail the seller by clicking on the e-mail link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include the Motor ID number and other pertinent information in your correspondence with the seller.