When you intially select your two frame sizes, two corresponding motors appear, a red and a blue. The dimensions for the red motor are found in the left frame and the dimensions for the blue motor are found in the right frame. Both motors will initially appear "opaque" (versus "transparent" or "wireframe") and "separate" (versus "overlay"). This initial screen will appear similar to diagram A. The frame size for the red motor is 143T and the blue motor is 182T.

Diagram A


In order to determine whether or not the motors are interchangable, it is helpful to see the motors superimposed. Frames for Windows has the capability to overlay motors. It is difficult to overlay "opaque" motors, however, so Frames for Windows allows you to view the motors as either "wireframe" or "translucent". Diagram B and Diagram C show typical screen shots in "wireframe" and "translucent" respectively.

Diagram B

Diagram C: (view from top of motor)