A problem that arises when replacing motors of different frames is that the shafts don't usually line up. In the case of replacing a larger framed motor with a smaller, an adapter plate is necessary. Frames for Windows is able to determine what size plate is required to, once again, realign the shafts. In the following example, the red motor is a 143T frame while the blue motor is a 182T frame.

This is a common screen shot when the "plate" option is selected. Since the red motor has the smaller frame, the plate appears under the red motor. The red text gives the dimension of the adapter plate. These dimensions can be given in inches or centimeters.
This screen shot shows the same motors and dimensions as the previous screen shot only from a different angle. In this screen, the motors are being viewed from the bottom. The red and blue dots on the adapter plate show the bolt hole locations of either motor.
Not only does Frames for Windows determine the dimensions of the adapter plate, but allows you to print them allow with a scaled diagram of the adapter plate. Click on the buttom below to view the printable frame adapter plate sheet for the motors shown above.